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Hot Not™

Heat Resistant Gloves & Arm Protectors
Made with two layers of Nomex® for the ultimate in heat and fire resistance. If you handle anything that's hot, you need Hot Not™.

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Hot Not CK: Flame, Heat & Cut Resistant Gloves

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September 19, 2021

Chicago Protective Apparel

100 years of experience. 8000+ safety products and over 200 fabric choices. Head-to-toe protection.

Manufacturing for distribution sales only — call for a complete catalog or a list of distributors in your area: 1-847-674-7900.

Safety Products

  • Aluminized Clothing
  • Leather Clothing
  • Flame-Resistant Clothing
  • Heat Resistant Gloves
  • Sleeves, Spats, Chaps, Leggings
  • Welding Curtains
  • Aprons, Beanies and more
  • Disposable Protective Garments
Flash Fire

Flash Fire Protection

A Commitment to Safety
The garmets we offer utilize top-of-the-line, flame-resistant fabrics that are NFPA® 2112-compliant, in their entirety, and down to each individual, hand-picked component.

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Carbon X®

You can Depend on CarbonX®
From fighting fires to pouring liquid steel to racing at over 300 mph, professionals in high-risk occupations insist that their protective apparel be made with CarbonX® fabrics.

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Arc Flash

Arc Flash Protection

NFPA 70E / ASTM F1506 Sixth Edition
NFPA 70E now requires employees to wear flame resistant protective clothing that meets the requirements of ASTM F1506 wherever there is possible exposure to an electric arc flash.

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Refresh Air Flow

Introducing Refresh™

Air Flow System
Increase your comfort and productivity with CPA's Refresh™ air flow system. This waist belt unit minimizes stagnant air in your hood by delivering a steady stream of ambient air flow.

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Ultimate Comfort & Dexterity
Our Mechflex series gloves are designed using our 100 years of glove manufacturing experience. We have created a high performance, breathable, washable and durable line of gloves.

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